Man in the Maze Cuff

Jason Takala


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He is the nephew of acclaimed jeweler Bernard Dawahoya, who was also his teacher.

Jason’s award-winning work has been exhibited in museum shows, as well as art shows, and he has a widespread base of avid collectors.

His work is notable for the amazing precision of his sawn-out overlay designs and his loyalty to traditional Hopi culture.

There is also something more –  an exceptional artistic vision, equalled by the jeweler’s skill in bringing it to fruition.This exquisite bracelet demonstrates those qualities.

The center glows with the warmth of an 14-karat man-in-the-maze (of life ) design, floating in a darkened, oval background.

Only certain Hopi clans may make this design.

Either side of the cuff features an intricate, but flawlessly crisp overlaid design of angular storm clouds, or migration signs, punctuated with vertical lines.

At each end, the silver is chiseled into stylized fans of feathers.

These symbolize prayers, usually for rain and water, so crops will thrive out on the arid Hopi land.

Impeccable technique, together with a singular esthetic based on restraint, and inspired by his Hopi culture, result in this delicate,  beautiful, and exceptional bracelet.

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