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Man-in-the-Maze Buckle


Sterling silver overlay rectangle buckle with man in the maze design, man with arms down.

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Only certain clans of Hopi are allowed to produce this famous design. Luckily, Anderson is one, because his work is known for its precision and luscious finish, making this buckle a graphic, dramatic contrast between dark matte background and glittering, polished silver.

Curved to fit comfortably around our similarly shaped belt-lines, the convex shape of the silver gleams even more, reflecting the light. Minutely textured, as well as darkened, the bottom layer of silver provides a striking contrast, allowing the design to stand out.The maze represents the path of life, and the human figure above it stands ready to enter it. The sharp points on the swooping arcs give this interpretation something of the look of a spider – the maze is also a web?

Whatever and however you like to think about the symbol, it is a wonderful design, and this buckle is superbly made, to highlight it. Wear this with jeans, and/or any other clothes that require a belt, about 1 1/2″ in width. Enjoy the comments and admiration that will follow.

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Sterling Silver