Malachite Heart Pin/Pendant


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While green may not be the traditional Valentine’s Day color, everyone will be green with envy when they see you wearing this stunning malachite heart by Navajo silversmith, Lee Charley!

The bright green color of this pin/pendant is not what we typically expect from malachite (we are used to a darker hue), which makes it even more appealing.

Each stone is lovingly wrapped in a hand-made, sterling silver bezel, with tiny sterling silver teardrops accenting the outer edge of the heart.

Inside the heart, a hand-stamped, oxidized sterling silver lip accents the curvaceous form of the piece.

Entirely hand-fabricated, of course, bringing traditional techniques to this modern work of art.

Pin it, or hang it, it works both ways beautifully.

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Natural Malachite, Sterling Silver


2 1/2" W x 2" H