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Malachite & Coral Bug Pin


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Artists can see beauty where others don’t; Navajo jewelers have created beautiful insect pins since they began working in silver and stones, in the late 1800’s. Aside from the seminal figure of Spider Woman, bugs usually appear in the spring and summer, so symbolize renewal and rebirth.This colorful and attractive example highlights a wonderful, natural deep green malachite stone, along with finely worked silver wings and a lovely, natural red coral head. Notice the silver “bug-eyes” at the top; a realistic feature that fits right in with the design, and gives this precious insect a charmingly goofy look. Nicely shaped, splayed legs add to the interesting silhouette.Historic tradition becomes a real conversation piece in a marvelously wrought contemporary design that will perch in handsome color on lapels, hats, bags, belts, or wherever you put it.

Sterling Silver, Natural Malachite and Red Coral

Width: 1 1/8″ Height: 1 1/8″