Malachite Bunny

Nicole Pinto


Simplified, polished malachite bunny. The swirling markings in the stone give this a sleek, modernistic look.

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In beautiful contrast to the appealing naturalistic style of animal carvings, this rabbit is carved in a simplified, almost abstract manner – in the old way.

The gorgeous stone is natural malachite, known for its dramatic marbling, and the artist has wisely let the stone take center stage. Although malachite is a magnificent stone in appearance, the dust is toxic and must be worked on only outdoors, so it is sparingly used and/or seen.

A descendant of noted carver Johnnie Quam, the artist has shown the rabbit sitting, with head raised high. The tail is extended, the eyes and mouth are lightly etched, the ears are laid back, and the head is very slightly turned to one side.

However, the sensational streaks and swirls in the malachite make these features almost invisible, except in silhouette, on one side.

On the other side, the dark green seems to outline the rabbit’s whole head, making the eye and whiskers visible in the emerald green area.

The greens of this fabled stone vary from deep and velvety, to light and bright, adding color to the motion of the markings. Polished to a high gleam, the stone is smooth and satiny, begging to be caressed.

A beautifully carved and finished rabbit, that showcases the unique qualities of this beautiful stone.

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