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Maiden and Petroglyph Bracelet


Heavy gauge silver bracelet with applied petroglyph symbols and center, overlaid maiden head. Rectangle of natural turquoise below her chin. Stamped designs on the interior.

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Typical of this accomplished younger artist’s work is the profusion of silver petroglyph symbols applied on a darkened, lightly textured base. In this impressive bracelet, he added an overlaid shadowbox head of a Pueblo maiden and a rectangle of glorious, natural turquoise to illuminate the piece. This is an “Excuse me, may I look at your fabulous bracelet?” kind of bracelet; truly a statement piece, and lavishly decorated with good luck symbols.

Front and center, the singing maiden has a row of polished silver dots on either side of her head, representing the coils of her traditional hairdo. Her thick bangs are delicately incised (with a realistic overlapping of some hairs!) and a dragonfly graces her cheek, a symbol of water which is a reoccurring theme on this bracelet. Just below, a nearly rectangular piece of gorgeous natural vivid blue Kingman water web turquoise reinforces the water theme, and adds a zing of rich color. The name comes come the subtle pale matrix pattern of circles that resemble drops of water. Water is the source of all life, and especially precious in the high desert.

On either side of the face are silver spirals – more water symbols. Other motifs on the darkened surface include the hands of blessing and protection, dragonflies and turtles, both watery creatures, bears, meaning strength and protection, various silver circles representing drops of water, and crosses which symbolize the wish to spread of these blessings all over the world. These applied elements are kept beautifully simple in form, the better to shine and gleam.

Inside, true to the Navajo concept of “beauty all around us”, is a graceful pattern of hand stamped scallops and ovals. Just another lovely, unexpected touch to this very original, very handsome, bracelet. Enjoy it, inside and out.



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Natural Turquoise, Sterling Silver

Cuff Size

5 1/2"

Gap Size

1 1/4"

Wrist Size

6 5/8"


1 1/2"