Mahogany Obsidian Ladybug Pendant


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The feminine half of husband and wife jewelers, this very busy lady wins awards for her work while maintaining a household, overseeing children, and making jewelry. This little pendant is a fine (and very accessible) example of her work: simple and wearable, using unusual stones, this one is even whimsical.


The markings of the natural mahogany obsidian – black dots on a reddish background – reminded Causandra of those on a ladybug, so she made silver antennae to go with it! (See the second little photo to the side.) The stone is set in simple, highly polished silver; secure, without detracting from the design.


Handsome stone, amusing design and flawless workmanship, all for a lovely price, too. Remember the holidays are coming, faster than you think. This would be a very delightful gift.

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Natural Mahogany Obsidian, Sterling Silver


1 1/2" long, including bail, x 7/8" diameter