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Magnesite Bear Fetish


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This fetish artist was one of the first active carvers in his family, along with his brother Vernon, beginning in the 1980’s.

His style is a refined version of the “old style”, a minimally carved, abstract rendering which mimicked the historic fetishes.

In the past, if a natural rock was thought to resemble a specific animal, it was kept as a fetish.

Now, most fetishes are hand carved, whatever the style.

Natural magnesite, a magnesium-rich mineral, is the material for this reddish-brown bear.

He is gracefully curved, with bear-like proportions, muzzle and upright ears. Blue turquoise eyes mark him as a native of the  southwest!

The natural markings of the stone are dramatic, and exploited to handsome advantage in this carving.

Whatever side you choose to display, the cream and white matrix of the stone is a dramatic component, incorporated into the figure.

Bears are Guardian animals of the West, protecting and blessing their owners with their hunting prowess and great strength.

Handsome to look at, and useful to protect your home, this bear is a winner on all fronts.

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2 3/4" L x 1 1/2" H x 5/8' Deep


Natural Magnesite, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise