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A painter, jeweler, carver, teacher, community and tribal leader, and more, Roger is renowned in many different fields. His work in various media is included in museum collections.

In jewelry, his name is synonymous with extraordinary stones, perfectly proportioned, minimalistic design, and impeccable workmanship.

That sums up these beautifully unusual earrings. A simple, asymmetrical teardrop of stone is encased in sterling silver, which is barely visible.

All attention is focused on the singular stones – turquoise, as found in its surrounding stone. The bits of turquoise form pretty, random accents in the wood-toned stone.

Notice how the artist has carefully matched the dark areas on the edges of the two stones. Whichever way you wear them, they will match; a small attention to detail that is a big deal in looks.

With warm hues and dark areas, as well as the soft turquoise, these earrings will prove very versatile.

Warm earthy hues are not easy to find in Native jewelry. These stones are exotically different, and handsomely adaptable to our contemporary way of life.

Conversation-worthy, but most important, flattering in form and very wearable, these handsome earrings will quickly become go-to’s.
























































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Natural Magic Mountain Turquoise, Sterling Silver


1 1/4" L x 7/8" W