“Magic Dancer” Sculpture


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This protege of the great Sheldon Harvey shows that she has absorbed his esthetic while interpreting it in her own, very colorful way.

A non-traditional figure, composed of painted wood, this piece nevertheless evokes Navajo spirits and dancers, in a mythic form.

Water signs – always very good luck – abound in the many parallel lines on the body of the dancer.

Circles, verticals, zig-zags, all symbolize rain and bodies of water.

The color blue also refers to water, as well as sky, while the reds are signs of the earth, and yellow, of the sun.

Greens stand-in for plants and crops, the result of a balance between water and sun.

The natural feathers are symbols of prayers for all of the above, while the painted headdress resembles the tablitas worn in ceremonial dances.

The curvy forms, the riot of swirling colors, dynamically contribute to the sense of dancing movement,

Inspired by her mentor, with similar materials and exuberant colors and brushstrokes, but in her own style, this is a lively and promising debut.

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