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Lovebirds Wedding Vase


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This award-winning potter has long been a favorite of collectors, for her adorable figural pieces that feature children and birds, butterflies, and other friendly critters. Her most recent pieces have been a return to classic pottery forms: plates, ollas, and seed pots, still with her signature allure. Here, we have one of the loveliest, most charming and delightful wedding vases we’ve ever seen. Relatively small in size ( therefore, easy to display) but immense in appeal, the lovebird motif is a perfect symbol for a wedding vase! The sweet pair are attended by the good-luck symbols of ladybugs, and a finely painted Monarch butterfly, beloved little creatures, happily familiar to the artist’s many admirers.The form of the piece is unusually low-slung, with broad spouts, but finely proportioned. The twisted, rope handle forms a n arch over the two lovebirds, and this is repeated in the black fine-line half-circle painted on the base. Ladybugs are round, of course, and the beautifully formed birds are gracefully rounded and tapered. They are perfectly placed at the center of the painted fan-shape below them, as well as below the center of the handle, above. You can see they look beautiful from either side of the piece.The painted design refers to both sun – in the half-round form, and rain, in the parallel fine lines. This balance is considered ideal, and symbolizes harmony – another wonderful symbol for a wedding vase. The scalloped border beneath the sun/rain arch echoes the smaller scallops that form the upper rim of the design. Stepped designs on the spouts, also refer to rain. There is a dainty little cornstalk painted on the opposite side of the wedding vase; the happy result of the harmonious balance of rain and sun. This symbolizes abundance, happiness and…fertility.A charming and beautiful wedding vase in every way: form, design, symbols and execution. What a fine wedding or anniversary gift this would be! (PS We include a written account of how wedding vases are used in Pueblo wedding ceremonies, with every wedding vase purchased. It was written by a potter from Santa Clara Pueblo.)

Natural Clay, Natural Pigments

Width: 4 1/2″ Height: 5 1/4″ Depth: 3 1/2″