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Fannie Loretto has a hugely talented family, and Marcus is the “baby”.

He creates award-winning pottery figures, like sister Kathy Wall, but his preference is to create animals – and they are delightful, like this foxy fox.

Adorably plump, his puppy-like rear paws, sticking straight out, show his black pads and claws.

He is balanced by his white-tipped, fluffy tail, held high in the back. His expression is appropriately sly, with a smug little smile.

And why not? Cradled in his front paws is a fat, very worried-looking mouse!

Also cuddly, the chubby mouse has a black nose, eyes, and tail-tip, with a creamy grey body. Destined for lunch, or is foxy just teasing him?

With characteristic humor, and secure, traditional pottery-making technique, this younger artist has carved his own niche alongside his gifted siblings.

This fox – and the mouse – are made of hand-gathered, hand-mixed, -coiled, -smoothed, and pit-fired clay, and hand-painted with natural clay slips and vegetal black paint.

A charming, amusing and well-made piece by this noted potter from a famous family.

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Clay Slip, Natural Clay, Natural Pigment


8" high x 4" wide x 6 3/4" deep, Mouse is 3 1/8" wide x 1 1/4" high x 1 3/4" deep