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Long Oval Turquoise Ring


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Leon is a jeweler who prefers the traditional Navajo style: impressive natural stones and elaborate silverwork, resulting in sumptuous pieces that declare “more is more”.

He learned by helping his silversmith parents, beginning at the young age of 9, and has benefitted from studying major artists, including Calvin Martinez, Kirk Smith, Sunshine Daniel Reeves, Ernest Begay, Tommy Jackson, and Tommy Singer.

With the support of these stellar jewelers, he has achieved a solid reputation for beautifully made, handsome pieces.

The award-winning jeweler says,” I try to make each piece of jewelry close to its perfection….”

This traditional-style ring features an oblong turquoise cabochon, with a beautiful dark webbed matrix, surrounded by a series of meticulously fabricated silver elements and heavy stamping.

The satin finish and oxidized areas help to bring out the beautifully polished stone, a true centerpiece of this statement ring.

The shank has both stamped and chiseled designs, and has a nice heft to it.

A traditional work of art with a modern flair, this ring will make a beautiful statement on your finger!


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Sterling Silver, Turquoise

Ring Size


Dimensions of Face

1 5/8" L x 7/8" W