Long Neck Polychrome Jar


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This younger brother of equally renowned Stetson Setalla, also learned from their mother, Pauline.

All are members of the Frog Woman/Feather Woman family, so have historic connections to the finest Hopi pottery.

They share a style of bold designs, excellent painting, with fine stippling, and strongly defined forms.

The clay he and his family use has a warm, ruddy tone when fired.

This gorgeous vase exemplifies all these qualities.

The form is elegant, with that elongated neck, crisp rim, and flattened bowl.

Much of the detailed designs form a band around the hip of the piece, emphasizing the form.

These include many different water, rain, storm and corn motifs; all conveying good luck.

A marvelously bold and dramatic version of the Hopi bird design juts up off the decorative band, onto the plain, burnished shoulder and neck.

Commanding, with a powerful, yet serene, presence and magnificent harmony between form and decoration, this is a stellar piece.


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Vegetal Paint, Natural Handmade Clay and Clay Slips


9" H x 9" diameter