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Long Good-Luck Dangles


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From a student of sports medicine, to award-winning jeweler; the trajectory of Alex Sanchez’s career is not a common one.

It makes sense when you learn inspiration came from one of his brothers, the late, great jeweler, Myron Panteah.

Alex’s work reflects his love of nature, and his tribal heritage. These stunning earrings offer a wealth of traditional good-luck signs.

Seductively long, and gracefully tapered, these dramatic dangles celebrate the blessing of water.

The artist’s effective contrast of polished silver designs applied onto a textured and darkened background, displays symbols including: spiral rivers of life, dragonflies, a wavy river symbol, and a cross referring to the four corners of the earth, where it is hoped the blessing of this source of all life should extend.

In the Navajo way, there is beauty everywhere, even hidden on the reverse, where the casual observer wouldn’t see it, but might catch a glimpse when the dangles swing fetchingly.

Perky little, graduated spirals cover the entire length on the back, getting larger from top to bottom; an additional delight to these exceptional earrings.

Despite their length, and the inflexible gauge of the silver, these earrings are comfortable on the ear.

Scrupulously fabricated, and beautifully designed, these are earrings to flaunt – and enjoy the attention that follows.

Raise tees and pullovers to a new level; add these to that favorite LBD (little black dress, 525.for you guys).

These fabulous dangles will embellish everything you own – with style and fine workmanship.

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Sterling Silver


5 1/4" L x 1/2" at bottom