Long Color Block Ring

Amber Carrillo


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This accomplished jeweler has created a beautiful statement ring that is one of a kind.

Inlaid flawlessly with a variety of unusual stones, the ring is long, lean, and totally stunning.

Long statement rings are a tradition among southwestern Natives, for special occasions, and as a sign of prosperity.

This one is excitingly contemporary, in the design and in the stones.

Slender rectangles of black jet, orange spiny oyster shell, rich brown pipestone, lime green serpentine, and a little square of purple charoite, are brilliantly arranged.

The small square of purple is a complementary color to both the orange shell, and the vivid green, thereby punching up the impact of all three colors.

Moreover, the jet, pipestone, and charoite are densely solid, contrasting handsomely with the highly figured shell and serpentine.

Slivers of silver gleam down the center, and on the edges of the ring, but the shank is textured, concave, and wide enough to support the height of the inlaid face.

This sophisticated ring has its roots in long tradition, and is creative in concept, seamlessly inlaid, and beautiful in realization.

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