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One of the most highly regarded Native American painters working today, Michelle is a niece of the famed Pablita Velarde.

She says “I paint in a semi-traditional abstract form because that is the way I see the Mother Earth.”

This striking original painting is titled “Lobos”, and the artist has included a poetic commentary:

“On a full moons(sic) night…..They cry their songs of love, of war, of gossip  To each other from bluff to bluff, In the full moons (sic) light.”

The dramatic composition is painted in acrylic paint, on paper that the artist made by hand.

The style is both traditionally flat and expertly modulated, especially at the bottom. The wolves are semi-realistic.

Against a black night sky, a pair of wolves raise their heads – and their voices – from the edge of a cliff to the red rock outcroppings of the Navajo land, in the distance.

A huge, full moon shines overall, with twinkling stars, and even a shooting star, in the sky above.

Behind one wolf, a dynamic beige form swirls upward, seeming to depict the sound of the wolfs’ howls in its curved and tapering form.

Traditional designs symbolizing storms, waterways, mountains, and snow decorate this area.

Below, the earth of the cliff is shown in a beautifully painted, almost realistic manner, showing grasses and earth.

The stylized and decorative moon shimmers prettily, as do the stars, against a sky dotted with millions of far-off stars, as seen in the high desert sky.

With a wonderful composition of curved, straight and angular forms, a range of warm and neutral hues, and flat and detailed textures, this painting stands out as major work of this celebrated artist.

Custom matted, framed; ready to hang, and enjoy.

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Handmade Paper, Acrylic Paint, Custom Mattes and Frame


23 1/2" H x 31 " L