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Lizard Vase


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She is best known for small-scale pots that feature her favorite lizards, but this Zuni potter shows she can do an impressively large piece with the same precision and graphic appeal.

Gracefully tapered, the form is echoed by the sinuous lizards that curl around three sides of the piece. These denizens of the desert start off in three dimensions with flat, painted legs. The heads and bodies taper gradually to tails that are flat, and painted, at their tips. The marvelously smooth, matte, creamy white clay is decorated with various stepped and curved rain signs, around and between the lizards.

With a thicker base, that makes it very stable, the vase is progressively thinner toward the top, with a knife-edge rim. The form and designs are beautifully coordinated and complementary, as is the ideal in pottery. The precision of the form and the painted decorations is perfect.

Dramatic in contrast, impressively large – but easy to display – and singularly decorated, this is a very, very fine piece of traditional pottery, expressed in a contemporary vision.Since the piece is beautifully smooth but matte, fingerprints will show up – and won’t come off. So, handle with care, preferably with gloves on, and enjoy this lovely piece.

Natural Clay

Height: 6 1/4″ Diameter: 6″