Lizard Seed Pot


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A potter who is especially fond of lizards, has created a lovely little seed pot, guarded by one.

Lizards are considered protective and healing animals, by the Zuni. They eat insects, so protect plants and crops.

This denizen of the desert starts off with a three-dimensional head and torso and flat, painted legs, then gradually tapers down to a flat, painted tail, at the very end.

The globular form of the piece is emphasized by the sinuous lizard that curls around it.

Beautifully stone-polished, the red clay slip is satiny to the touch, although the base clay is naturally light-colored.

Painted with a plant-derived pigment, the black lizard is dotted with white, to simulate his scales.

Dramatic in coloration, harmonious in design, and delightful to the eye, and to the hand, this is a marvelous, traditional piece of pottery, that looks contemporary.

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Natural Handmade Clay and Clay Slip, Natural Vegetal Paint


1 3/4" High x 1 3/4" Diameter