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Lizard on a Log


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Frank is related to better-known Zuni carvers, such as Daisy Natewa and Florentino Martinez, but his artistry is the equal of any.

This remarkable carving is really astonishing, in concept and execution. Carved out of pale, speckled serpentine, the supple lizard is climbing around and over a leafy wooden stump.

The whole piece, lizard, log, and leaves, started as one block of the stone. Now, the lizard is naturalistic, sleekly polished, and carved out, far from the log that he clutches with his flippers (paws?).

The texture of wood and leaves is realistically detailed in contrast. The curving lines of the slinky reptile, his offset pose and curling tail, create a dynamic sense of movement.

Flippers and head are realistic, yet carved with a minimum of detail. Bright blue turquoise eyes light up the sandy hue of the stone.

As befits a sculpture, no matter its size, this carving is visually fascinating from all angles.

We gasped at the exceptional technique in this carving; if you like lizards, fetishes, and/or spectacular sculpting, you – and your guests – will love this, too.



















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Fish Rock Serpentine, Turquoise


2 1/4" H x 2" W x 1 3/4" Deep