Lizard Effigy Figure


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The Cernos’ pots have been winning top prizes for over three decades.

Famed for their very large polychrome and parrot pots, they are always looking through books for historic designs to inspire them.

Unusually, Barbara alone, has here recreated a lizard effigy figure.

On a base of the pure white Acoma clay, an all-over pattern of traditional designs has been impeccably painted – her renowned trademark.

Rain, wind, lightning, and plant forms are all represented in a graphically dramatic arrangement.

The rain, etc. helps the plants to grow, ensuring a good harvest, and the health, happiness and abundance of the people.

Lizards eat insects, including those harmful to crops. So, good luck all around.

Good luck, exemplified by fine traditional potting, and an artful composition of natural colors and ancient symbols.

Notice how the artist has left regularly spaced white areas, so the designs really pop.

This fellow will bring you the good luck of a traditional, but uncommon, piece of pottery by one of the premier artists of her generation.

A real collector’s find.


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