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Lizard Carving


Very realistic carving of a fearsome, dinosaur-like reptile. Inlaid eyes with yellow rims and black pupils; notched ridge along his back, fan-like flap under the chin, etc. Zuni stone ? with dark all-over markings.

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A marvelous carving, of an exotic lizard, in a very reptilian-looking stone from Zuni. There is no suggestion about this carving; eyes, mouth, throat flap, ridge of scales on his back, legs, and more, are all carefully and wonderfully detailed.

The proportions of this fearsome lizard are also naturalistic. He looks as if he will trundle slowly (or scoot, quickly) right off the page, and eventually, your shelf, desk or tabletop. That protective flap under his chin is carved with a fan-like pattern, his whole body is incised with scaly markings, his legs have that lizard-y configuration, and his eyes…! Notice how the eyes are inlaid with two different materials, for exceptional realism.

This exceptional carved reptile looks to be one of the descendants of the dinosaurs. A splendid carving to add to a collection, start one, or just enjoy on his own


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Zuni Stone


4 1/8" long x 1 5/8" high x 1 3/8" deep