Lizard and Kokopelli Seed Pot

Barbara Cerno


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One half of a renowned couple acclaimed for their meticulous interpretations of historic, traditional pottery, Barbara usually paints the large, perfectly formed ollas that her husband Joseph coils.

Every once in a while she makes a piece by herself, so this seed pot is an infrequent, as well as delightful, work – and highly collectible.

She combines both her Hopi and Acoma heritage in this one little gem: The geometric and fine-line tradition of Acoma, and the Kokopelli figure of the Hopi.

Kokopelli is the seed-blowing Bringer of Life, animating crops and all living matter.

Lizards are iconic desert creatures who eat pesky insects and are also considered to be healers.

The zig-zag lines may refer to lightning, as there are rain signs, as well.

The orange and yellow are natural pigments; diluted red clay slips. The brown comes from wild spinach paint mixed with a bit of the red clay slip.

The entire piece is hand made, from clay to form, to paint, to firing.

Signed “Barbara Cerno”  alone, for you collectors.


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