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“Little Humming Song”


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According to an article in the Albuquerque Journal, in the summer of 2018, ” A direct descendant of the great Apache Chief Cochise, ledger artist Raul Davis creates artwork in tribute to his late mother, (and) grandmother….”

This tribute to the hummingbird is as vibrant as a stained glass window, with its beautiful magenta and turquoise colors, and yellow accents.

Hummingbirds are honored for their role in pollinating plants and crops, thereby aiding in the general health, happiness and prosperity of the people.

The medium used here is oil-based colored pencil, and the artist handles it with skill and confidence.

He manages to create stunning color, while keeping the music notes mistily visible.

Below the jewel-like hummingbird, a row of teepees anchors the bottom of the page.

The colors here are earthier, ranging from a bright red-orange, to golden brown, to a mix of pale blue and mossy green, with accents of coral.

The background paper is a sheet of music: a song by Robert Schumann, the Romantic composer of the early 19th-century.

Inspired by the song’s title, the artist has transformed it into his own, cultural reference, and done so with brilliance.

With glowing and muted colors, and a wonderful sense of energy, the artist has created a piece of ledger art that is strong, esthetically, and culturally.

This will be a gorgeous addition to your wall, once framed and matted.

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Oil-Based Colored Pencils | Sheet Music


12" H x 9" W