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Lilac and Teal Inlaid Dangles


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A wonderful update, these dangles are a contemporary version of mosaic inlay, traditional in this pueblo since prehistoric times.

Veteran jeweler Priscilla Aguilar has brought this ancient form of adornment right into the new millennium with an unusual, but effective, combination of stones and colors, and refined workmanship.

Inlaid in pipestone, encased in silver, with a lovely, unexpectedl palette of vivid, teal turquoise and soft lilac, these dangles are certain attention-getters.

The beautiful variations of mauve and lavender in the lepidolite stones are accented by tiny bits of sparkle.

The satin-smooth inlay is infinitely more refined than the irregular chunks of centuries ago.

Arresting in color, stones, and design, these look totally “now”  in a lovely way.

The geometric lines are softened by the gentle tones in the lepidolite, which is energized, in turn, by the assertive blue of the turquoise.

A fascinating color combination, scrupulous workmanship, and a dramatic design, all in one pair of handsome earrings.

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Lepidolite, Pipestone, Sterling Silver, Turquoise


1" L x 3/4" W | 1 3/4" L with wire