Lightning and Rain Ranger Set


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Real men can be refined, too. That’s the message in this sleekly handsome ranger set.

The artist is an active rodeo cowboy, with many a winner’s buckles of his own. His jewelry is notable for graphic designs, based on tradition.

This set is more contemporary than some of his others but is rooted firmly in age-old symbols: lightning and rainfall, both very good luck.

The lightning zig-zags down the center of each piece of the set; surrounded by chiseled, parallel lines suggesting rainfall.

The polished motifs are overlaid on the darkened, tufa cast base, that has retained a slightly grainy texture, for additional contrast.

For women or men, this is a finely made, beautiful buckle.

Casually elegant, this buckle can go to the rodeo, the board room, and everywhere in between – and beyond.

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Sterling Silver


Buckle alone is 2 1/8" l x 1 5/8" w, Fits 3/4" w Belt, Set is 7" l x 7/8" – 3/4' w