Lightning and Rain Dangles



Eric is a son of the award-winning jeweler, Jolene Eustace, and equally gifted, in his own way.

These discreetly dramatic earrings are beautifully fabricated and have a modern look.

However, the design is an interpretation of ancient good-luck symbols: Lightning, rain, and prayer.

Swooping down the sharply tapered dangles, a zig-zag of lightly brushed, silver flows in a graduated band.

It stands out against the horizontally chiseled fine lines in the background, which was darkened a bit, then polished a bit.

These closely parallel lines signify rainfall. Storms and rain are enormous good luck in the dry lands of the Zuni.

The wider part of each earring is punctuated by cut-out little star shapes, representing the four corners of the world.

The blessings of rainwater to drink, water to nurture crops, and therefore, happiness, abundance, and good health – are meant to extend all over the earth.

A beautiful message, expressed in a strikingly handsome way, by this accomplished younger artist.

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Sterling Silver


3" L x 2 5/8" W at bottom