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Lightning and Dragonfly Tufa Cast Bracelet


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Related to some heavy-hitting jewelers such as Ira and Gary Custer, Will Begay, and Wilford Henry, this younger jeweler learned both by osmosis and direct advice. Before jewelry became his life’s work, he went to college, studying civil engineering, to please his father. He says he uses some of that knowledge in his work. Here we have a double delight: a stupendously fine bracelet and the original piece of tufa from which it was carved and cast. Since the tufa he prefers is semi-hard, the artist is able to create finely delineated and complex details that contrast to the rough-textured and darkened silver background. Conversely, the interior is smooth and polished, to feel wonderful on the arm. The theme is water, as seen in the dragonfly symbol, and the angular, polished zig-zag. This might be lightning, and/or a visual symbol of the darting flights of dragonflies, over water. The background resembles the dimples made by raindrops, as they hit a placid body of water. No matter the exact definition, the watery theme means great good luck. In Aaron’s gifted hands, it is also a dramatic design full of movement and animation. Without water, nothing grows, animals die, and there is no food, or good health. So, not only is this bracelet a particularly handsome example of fine silversmithing, coupled with graphic design, it conveys good health, happiness and prosperity. The bonus of seeing how the design originated in the tufa material is an unexpected treat. It may look like a fossilized fish, but it is the genesis of this compelling, rugged, yet refined piece of jeweler’s art. Enjoy both!


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Sterling Silver

Cuff Size

5 1/4"

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Wrist Size

6 1/4"


1 1/2"