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Lightning and Arrowhead Bolo


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This young jeweler is newer to us, but has fast become a favorite! His father, Gene, is well-known for his vintage designs, and was Gabe’s main teacher.

Gabe usually leans toward the vintage designs of his father together with a contemporary vision of his own, but this is something new and a first for Gabe!

This bolo tie symbolizes lightning repeatedly striking and the lightning symbols combine in Gabe’s design to take the form of an arrowhead. To the Navajo (Dine), flint is a sacred stone. Arrowheads are said to resemble the tips of the fiery bolt thrown by Thunder, and arrows equal lightning.

This profound design is complemented by a beautiful Natural Carico Lake Turquoise cabochon set in a textured and stamped bezel in the center of the bolo. Directly above the gorgeous stone are seven arrows, each individually stamped and aimed down, towards the bolts of lightning and the stone.

The tips are sterling silver, tufa cast with stamped designs near the bottom, and high-polished ends. The cord is hand-braided leather, a complement in craftsmanship to this amazing design.

This bolo is contemporary with a traditional message and will surely lend itself well to any outfit from dressy to more casual, but rest assured, it will be noticed!



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Natural Carico Lake Turquoise, Hand-Braided Leather, Sterling Silver