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Lidded Kokopelli Jar


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Grey is the IN color in both fashion and home design, and now you can be right in style with this willowy, graceful lidded jar from Isleta Pueblo.

Lynette is one of the famous Teller family of potters at this pueblo.

The distinctive mottled grey is natural to the clays gathered, there, mixed, coiled, smoothed and burnished by hand.

It has a special. delicious softness when stroked, owing to the local clay that differs from the clays at other, more northern Pueblos.

Form and finish need no other ornamentation, except for a couple of tiny, sgrafitto designs on the upper portion of the jar, or vase.

The long, curved form is topped by a cut-out finial in the same clay, with a similar sgrafitto design of Kokopelli blowing seeds, and a sky-blue turquoise at the top.

This lid is cut into a stepped shape that symbolizes rain, with cut-outs that also refer to rain.

Rain nourishes the seeds that Kokopelli blows into the ground, thereby producing crops.

The theme of this tall, shapely jar is prosperity, happiness, abundance, and good health.

Beauty of form, beauty of meaning; a wonderful piece of traditional pottery in a modern expression.



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Natural Handmade Clay, Turquoise


11 3/4" H x 5 1/2" diameter