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Leopard Marble Badger Fetish


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Lena Boone is famed for her maintenance of the old style of fetish carving, as seen in this abstract, rather than naturalistic, piece.

Instead of intricate, realistic detail, she carves the general form of the animal, and adds a few features that indicate its identity.

Here, this badger is carved from a spotted jasper romantically called leopard stone, from the island of Madagascar. Badgers are low, squat creatures, with bushy tails and striking markings in their fur, so this stone is a good choice.

Badgers are traditionally the Guardian and Protective animals of the South, for the Zuni, and they are honored for helping medicine men find the roots and herbs used in healing ceremonies.

This dramatic carving shows its bushy tail, pointy nose, and blue eyes (!) without any other naturalistic details, but is definitely a badger.

The offering bundle of turquoise and coral, with a shell arrowhead, invokes the power of the badger.

Striking, natural stone, fine carving and reverence for tradition, and a helpful guardian for your home. Perfect.





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Coral, Commercial Sinew, Madagascar Leopard Stone, Pen Shell, Turquoise


3" long x 1 5/8" wide x 7/8" high