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Legendary Bison Hunters


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Painted with wonderful realism and exactitude, in a misty palette, this painting, with its dreamlike composition, exudes a compelling power.

A beautiful example of poetic realism, it goes beyond realism, to touch emotional and mystical feelings.

Painted with assurance and unassuming panache, each element is depicted with impressionistic texture and detail.

The iconic animal of the Great Plains, and the many tribes who lived there, the American bison provided food, clothing, housing, adornment, and more.

Hunting the massive beast was a test of a man’s skill, strategy and endurance, and was often dangerous, too.

This  painting emphasizes man’s dependence on the animal, historically, and the gratitude hunters felt for the bison’s sacrifice.

Native hunters always thanked and prayed for the animal they killed, mindful of the interrelationship of man and beast.

The gentle lavender-greys and soft browns of the palette evoke the mists of legends, and of the past.

Half-glimpsed, behind and beside the buffalo, the heads of two (or maybe the same?) hunters blend into the pelt of the animal, as if mirages.

Even though the features, hair, fur, and jewelry are clearly delineated, notice how the eagle feather of the person in the foreground seems to dissolve into the foggy background.

A masterful evocation of bygone times, painted with total confidence, this is a hauntingly beautiful work of art.

PS The price is correct!  Although internationally known and collected, Fred Cleveland is happy to express himself through his art, and to help as many people as possible, to enjoy it.

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Acrylic Paint, Canvas


16" L x 20" H