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Left-Handed Kachina


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A wonderfully gifted, self-taught carver, Delwyn Harvey’s work is collected all over the world. His “dolls” are known for their precision and cultural accuracy – which is the the purpose of kachinas, used as teaching tools, originally, as well as creative outlets and home decoration.

This dynamic figure is Siyangephoya, the Left-Handed Kachina, a hunter. Hunter kachinas are related to warriors, but affect game animals rather than people, or other kachinas. Every bit of his regalia and decoration is recognizable and authentic, from face paint, tongue, red ears, etc. to the fringed moccasins, bow, deerskin shawl, and more. The carving is meticulous, realistic and detailed. Look at the furry texture and coloration of his quiver, the hand positions and fingers, the feathers… the list is as long as all the elements of the carving. And the details carry onto the base: green grasses ring a limpid blue pond, as the figure kneels on a flat rock, preparing to let fly his arrow.

Hand carved, of course, from a dead cottonwood root, as is traditional and authentic, the hunter’s intense concentration and naturalistic pose convey animation in repose ( a new, but true, oxymoron). The painting is as expert as the carving, adding emphatic color to the careful modeling of the figure. Dynamic and vibrant in every sense, this is a masterful carving of a lesser-known kachina. If you know a favorite hunter, this kachina might help bring in the venison….beautifully.

Cottonwood, Paint

Width: 6 1/4″ Height: 5 1/2″ Depth: 4 1/2″