Ledger Painting of 5 Horses

Terrance Guardipee



Terrance is internationally acclaimed for his ledger art, one of the first to revive the painting style that began when Plains tribes were forced into reservations, and could no longer record special events and great deeds on hides, and/or tepees.

He attended the Institute of American Indian Art, in Santa Fe, and has won many awards at all the most prestigious Native art shows.

He proudly calls on his Blackfeet heritage, to incorporate into a contemporary, but retro style, using real, (antique) business forms, as in historic ledger art.

This cheerful picture honors the Plains love for, and reliance on, horses.

Each one a different, clear and joyful color, the graceful horses march across an invoice from a 1908 business.

Delightfully stylized, they sport a couple of round circles on their rumps, signifying they are appaloosas.

Manes are gracefully suggested with abstract loops, and the horses themselves are elegantly elongated.

Heart lines, on each one, point down from their muzzles to the center of their power.

The artist lived in New Mexico for several years, and may have picked up this symbol from the local tribes.

A bright yellow sun shines in the upper right corner, bringing the happy colors all around the picture.

Custom matted and framed, this skillful and utterly captivating piece of ledger art, by an acknowledged master of the genre, is ready to hang, and bring joy to your home or office.

Perfect for a child’s room, but just as wonderful in an adult setting.

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