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Leaf Impression Pendant


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Extremely talented, Steve Yellowhorse prefers to keep out of the spotlight and let his work speak for itself.

Seen in this example, his work is clean, handsome, and wonderfully priced.

This pendant is a (literally) shining example of his work, with its pristine, minimalistic design and flawless workmanship.

A naturalistic imprint of a leaf is impressed on the icy-smooth silver base, in an inverse tapered shape to the pendant itself.

The lines are graceful, supremely simple, with heart-satisfying harmony.

Contrasting with the gleaming, plain silver, the delicate tracery of the leaf’s veins is subtle but sensational.

Slip this on your silver – or other – beads, a narrow collar, or heishi, or…

This is a pendant for all seasons, that will attract attention by its very simplicity and superb design.

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Sterling Silver


2 1/2" L x 1 1/4" W