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Leaf and Sunflower Seed Pot


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Her appealing child and animal figures are enthusiastically collected, but this renowned, award-winning potter is taking a bit of a break and showing us she can do traditional pieces, just as well.

Here is a classic Acoma seed pot in the timeless, graphic, black and white leaf pattern.

Traditionally made from natural white Acoma clay that was hand-gathered, hand -mixed, -coiled, -painted and fired, this seed pot is impeccable.

The leaf design is painted with hand-made paint brewed from wild spinach plants.

Rather than going clear to the bottom of the piece, the design ends at the waist, in a sprightly row of pointy scallops.

When viewed from above, it looks as if the center forms a sunflower.

No whimsy or sweet humor here, just perfectly realized, timeless pottery-making.

The pattern is ageless, but the strong contrast and graceful pattern have a contemporary impact.

This excellent seed pot will fit into any decor, and will be admired by all.

It would be fun to display next to one of Marilyn’s figural pieces, for yin and yang.

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Natural Clay, Natural Pigment




2 1/2"