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Layered, Textured Silver Cuff


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This member of the Hopi Badger/ Butterfly clan is the nephew of famous carver Wilmer Kaye, son of noted jeweler Sherian Honhongva, and grandnephew of that magisterial artist, the late, legendary Charles Loloma. Not surprising that he himself has a fine reputation as both a kachina carver and jeweler!This serenely handsome cuff features three layers of silver, each textured in a different way. This creates subtly different patterns, while maintaining a beautiful simplicity. Three different degrees of darkened silver also add to the understated beauty: the base is quite dark, and textured with tiny chisel strokes; the rounded forms applied on top of that are rolled, with a sandy texture, and lightly darkened, while the straight band on top of them is hammered, and polished. Everything, of course, done entirely by hand.Seen in one direction, the design resembles a crown; in the other direction, it looks like rainclouds. You wear it, you describe it to all the admiring questions. Whatever you say, it will always be a quietly fabulous bracelet that goes everywhere, flawlessly made by member of Native jewelry royalty.

Sterling Silver

Total Size: 6 7/8″ Cuff Size: 5 3/4″ Gap Size: 1 1/8″ Width: 1 1/8″