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Larimar Pin/Pendant


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We still miss the late Henry Rosetta, who was a wonderfully creative and versatile jeweler, as well as a lovely man.

However, he was a regular vendor for so many years, we keep finding more pieces that had escaped attention until now!

Some lover of intriguing jewelry will be really fortunate.

This pendant is typical of his work: an unusual stone, placed in an organically formed setting of sterling silver.

The stone is larimar, a stone found exclusively on the island of Hispaniola, in the Caribbean.

This luscious, pale aqua hue recalls the limpid tropical waters of its origin.

Surrounding the stone is a textured bezel, and textured border that has angular spirals chiseled on one side.

Symbolic of storm clouds and wind, the spirals accord with the vertically lined texture that resembles rainfall.

At the three rounded corners of the organic triangular form of the silver, a fan of chiseled lines appears, reminiscent of traditional feather designs.

The theme is water, and feathers are thought to carry hopes and prayers to the heavens, so this is not only a delicately lovely pin/pendant, it carries very good luck.

Wear it as either a pin, or hang the shepherd’s hook from any collar, beads, heishi, or chain.

A beautiful piece, with an uncommon stone, that is wonderfully versatile, as well.

No wonder we liked Henry’s work so much – and you will,too!










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Natural Larimar, Sterling Silver


1 1/2" L x 1 5/8" W