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Larger Checkered Cross Pendant


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Deeply spiritual, this unique artist expresses his faith in exquisitely wrought crosses that sometimes incorporate symbols of his Navajo heritage, as well.

That is the case in this striking cross.

Symmetrical and harmoniously balanced, with a lacy look to some of the substantial silver, the design is an artful balance between straight lines and curves; between dramatic contrast and delicacy.

Darkened background silver contrasts with the softly brushed top layer.

Sparkling little squares of 14-karat gold are arranged to recall the five wounds of the crucified Christ.

Notice that this central checkerboard reveals itself to be a series of little crosses, when seen in a certain way. It is an ingenious fool-the-eye design.

The pattern of tiny dots is another Brady characteristic that gives a dainty allure to solid areas of silver.

Rigid lines of the four arms of the cross are softened by the heart-shaped scallops that peep out at each juncture.

At the very bottom is a crescent form, edged in scallops, that makes the design even more decorative.

On the reverse, the delicate pattern of little dots is repeated, with a shimmering, rounded, gold heart at the center of the cross.

It can well be worn in both ways.

There are subtle signs of the artist’s Navajo heritage: the dots may signify raindrops; the scallops, waterways, and the gold touches bits of the sun.

These would combine to suggest the balance of the natural world, a Navajo ideal for happiness, good health, prosperity, and all good things.

It is compatible with the Christian message of the Resurrection bringing renewed hope.

Ultimately, this cross is a handsome, unusual expression of age-old faith, created with rare artistry.

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1 1/2"


14k Gold, Sterling Silver