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Large Water Blessing Bolo


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Typical of this accomplished younger artist’s work is the profusion of silver petroglyph symbols applied on a darkened, lightly textured, silver base.

In this impressive bolo, he added a glorious, natural Royston turquoise to illuminate the piece, which is lavishly decorated with good luck symbols.

The pattern of silver spirals, seen from top to bottom, on the face is water symbols.

Water is the source of all life, and especially precious in the high desert.

Other motifs on the darkened surface include the hand of blessing and protection, a dragonfly – another symbol of water, since they live on and above streams, – bears, promising strength and protection, various silver circles representing drops of water, crosses which symbolize the wish to spread these blessings all over the world, and arrowhead shapes.

These are all symbols of very good luck, going back centuries.

The applied and polished elements are kept beautifully simple in form, the better to shine and gleam.

The tips are also plain, polished, and in proportion to the imposing size of the bolo.

On the reverse, there is a surprise: true to the Navajo concept of “beauty all around us”, the artist covered the surface with a graceful pattern of hand-stamped spirals. Yours to know about, and to share – or not.

Just another lovely, unexpected touch to this very imposing, very handsome, bolo. Enjoy it, inside and out.

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Hand-Braided Leather, Sterling Silver I Natural Royston Turquoise


Bolo is 4 1/4" l x 2 5/8" W | Tips arw2 5/8' L x3/8' Diameter