Large Vase with Kokopellis


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This renowned pottery artist’s work is instantly recognizable by the “computer printout ” or “crossword puzzle grid” effect of her designs.

Her pieces also combine thin walls, pure form and exceptional painting, in her eagerly collected work.

All these elements are present in this imposing, large vase.

Needless to say, the piece has been wholly hand made: hand gathered and mixed clay, hand coiled, hand burnished, and hand decorated with natural pigments.

The dazzling allover grid pattern consists of tiny squares that emphasize the swelling form.

A curvaceous band of Kokopelli dances up and around one side, contrasting beautifully against the pure white Acoma clay.

A broad collar around the neck adds a rich terra cotta to the black and white palette.

All the design elements refer to water, the growth of crops, and therefore, happiness, good health and well-being.

With astonishing skill, the artist has manipulated the tiny squares so skillfully that the general effect is harmonious, despite the several different patterns.

We see the angular, dark cloud designs, the Kokopellis, bringers of life, and the all-over pattern of multi-colored squares that also contain barely visible red clay raincloud designs.

True optical art!

The terra cotta around the interior of the rim accentuates the red clay pigment in the body of the piece, and gives the eye a place to rest from the incredible complexity of the allover pattern.

The plain white bottom serves a similar purpose.

Extraordinary in all aspects – form, design, precision of execution – this tall vase is a spectacular example of Frederica’s remarkable talent.

It probably doesn’t need saying, but the term “vase” refers to the shape of the piece, only.

You may put in pussy willows, or willow branches, or any other choices that don’t require water, for example, but NEVER, ever, ever, ever, water and living flowers!

You,  and your descendants, can enjoy this remarkable artist’s work for generations.

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