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Large Turquoise and Coral Ring


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Feel like making a splash? Want to make a statement? We have just the ring for you! Charlotte Peina, is a daughter of the late, great Leo Poblano, and former in-law of Ben and Felicita Eustace. Tapping into her genetic and relationship influences, this gifted lady has produced a collection of “neo-retro” jewelry, like this fabulous ring. A large, handsome, natural Fox turquoise, is complemented by sparkling silver in a throw-back design. The silver feather motif was first popular in the 1970’s, when it was also often paired with carved turquoise, especially by the Eustaces. Deep red, natural coral, also carved, but left in an organic branch shape, is a gorgeous complement to the greenish Fox stone. The curves and angles in this design, along with the varying textures and finishes, create a marvelous, integrated composition. In the past, a ring this size would be worn for ceremonial occasions, when you wanted to be noticed. Wear it on your middle finger, and smile graciously at the compliments. (One of our staff mentioned it would also make a beautiful scarf holder.) Go back to the future in this beautiful – and beautifying – way.

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Coral, Natural Fox Turquoise, Sterling Silver

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7 1/2


2 7/8"


2 1/8"