Large Storyteller with Seven Kids



Aggie’s work is well-known and eagerly collected. She loves to combine children with animals, birds and friendly insects, inspired by her former mother-in-law, Marilyn Ray.

This impressively sized piece is a major accomplishment.

Entirely hand made the traditional way, this very large Mama is singing a story to seven little children, three boys and four girls.

They are accompanied by three fully dimensional butterflies, three perky birds, three ladybugs, and one turtle. (No partridge or pear tree!)

Despite the number of active kids clambering all over her from head to feet, the lady is sweetly happy, as are all the kids – even the turtle.

The birds are intently listening, the butterflies and ladybugs are expressionless, but hanging around, so they are listening too.

Full of natural postures and movement, and cheerful smiles, this piece captures the lighthearted happiness of childhood, and the deeper joy of close family ties.

These universal pleasures are delightfully communicated to the onlooker.

The work is fully traditional in technique: hand made clay, hand coiled, hand painted with natural colors and pit-fired.

This is all natural Acoma clay, known for its pure white color. The black is wild spinach, mixed with water, and the russet is a red clay slip.

A truly impressive piece; full of love and good cheer, as well as skill.



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