Large Storyteller with Jar, Kitten, and 5 Kids



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Aggie’s work is very well-known, well-loved, and eagerly collected. She charmingly combines children with animals, birds and friendly insects in a personal style, inspired by her former mother-in-law, Marilyn Ray. This impressively large storyteller is typical of her creativity, full of charming details, and entirely hand made the traditional way.


Fashioned from hand-gathered, -mixed, -coiled -smoothed, and -painted clay, this sculptural figure is chanting away, very seriously. She is evidently not distracted by the five lively children, adorable kitten, and several butterflies who are all happily and busily swarming all over her! The three boys and two little girls are each engaged in active kid poses, except for the one boy who is perched securely on top of her head, thoughtfully listening – or dreaming. One of the girls is also comfortably stretched out, head in hands, while the other is climbing up Mama’s shoulder. The other boys are waving their hands, excitedly, maybe in response to the the tale being told.


Nature is always included in this artist’s world, and here we have two butterflies, that seem to be hair ornaments, while another one is fluttering on the handsome pottery jar Mama is holding. The decorations on the well-formed jar are of…butterflies. Down below, on her foot, a pretty little kitten is swiping a paw at a tiny painted lizard, Look closely, and you will see a tiny, realistic ladybug, near the reclining little girl.


There are so many beautiful and carefully depicted details in the dress and hair of each figure. Mama wears a lovely necklace, and her black manta is lavishly decorated at belt and hem, with rain designs. The boys wear rolled bandannas on their heads, while the girls’ hair is decorated with flowers. I think you might discover even more, each time you look.


Beautifully formed and decorated, this large storyteller is appealing, smoothly finished, and wonderfully composed. With all the activity, there is an air of tranquillity, security and love about this group.  A real triumph of pottery art and love of nature and children!

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Natural Clay, Natural Clay Slip, Vegetal Paint


11 3/4" high x 5" wide x 8" dee[