Large Storyteller Olla with Six Kids



An impressive piece; full of love and good cheer, as well as skill. No surprise; Aggie’s work is nationally and eagerly collected.

She is known for her winsome creations of children and animals, but she can coil an olla, just as skillfully.

This appealing piece combines adorable children, irresistible animals, and a splendidly formed classic olla – all in one.

Welcome to Aggie’s universe: Three little boys and three little girls frolic and clamber all over the imposing olla, accompanied by a cuddly puppy, a perky bird, a friendly turtle, a Monarch butterfly, and a couple of ladybugs.

Each child is posed with recognizable naturalism, even though every element is simplified.

Full of natural postures and movement, and cheerful smiles, this piece captures the lighthearted happiness of childhood.

One little girl is trying to climb up the olla, to join the others, while standing on the back of an uncomplaining boy.

The other little guy at the base of the pot has the bird perched on his head, and the beagle pup cheerily sitting on his legs.

Up top, two girls and another boy are leaning on the shoulder of the olla, very relaxed, while the turtle, the butterfly, and two ladybugs join them.

All are wearing jeans, and have traditional hairstyles: boys wear headbands, and the girls, buns. The girls have flowers in their hair, too.

The large olla is itself a major piece of pottery. Large and shapely, it is adorned with classic Acoma motifs: fine line rain symbols, storm and wind symbols, feathers, and stylized birds.

It is totally traditional in technique: hand gathered and mixed clay, hand coiled, hand painted with natural colors and pit-fired.

The russet and lighter orange hues come from red clay slips; the white clay is pure, natural Acoma clay. The black, which gives the piece its graphic quality, comes from wild spinach plants, steeped in water to make a paint.

A fine, traditional olla, with the added delights of Aggie’s signature charming children and animals.

All creatures great and small are wonderfully fashioned, by hand, by this highly reputed artist.

Place this where you can see it from all angles, since every angle is enchanting.

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