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Large Stone Retro Ring


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Prodigiously gifted, this perennial favorite has a huge following for his finely fabricated, traditional/transitional designs.

This pleasingly retro ring features a magnificent, turquoise; the silver work is deliberately restrained, to focus on the stone.

A lovely robin’s egg blue, the stone is cut (by hand) so the matrix is aligned vertically.

This very unusual, and gorgeous, pattern of greyish, and dark-blue matrix looks like exotic marble, but the stone is turquoise.

Plumply pillowed, the organically oblong form of the beautiful stone is supported by a perfectly plain, silver bezel, and a silver rope-like border.

This is a classic, traditional design, but executed with admirable finesse.

Like wisps of smoke against a pale blue sky, the remarkable matrix gives this gorgeous stone an evanescent, misty aspect.

It looks as if tendrils of smoke, or delicate threads of clouds, were drifting across the surface of a clear blue firmament.

The  five-bar shank is also classic, but with a creative, Tommy Jackson twist: the center wire is actually a row of tiny domes, soldered together into a solid  and decorative accent.

Definitely a statement, but a soft-spoken one, this ring is all about that exceptional stone, and the expertise of the artist in showcasing it so well.

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Sterling Silver, Turquoise

Ring Size



Face is 1 1/2" L x 1 1/8" W | Shank is 1/2" W to 1/4" W in the back