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Large Stamped Silver Dangles


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Tommy is a renowned jeweler, whose award-winning, gold and silver pieces are exhibited in museums, and treasured in collections around the world.

Astonishingly gifted and skillful, his work often sells for thousands of dollars, but no matter how opulent, or humble, the same creativity and fine workmanship is found in every piece.

Beautifully made of sterling silver, brushed to a soft, antique gleam, the rounded and raised elements in these dramatic earrings are pushed out from behind, by hand.

Scalloped borders are accented with dainty lines of hand stamping, echoed by the very fine little “eyelash” stamps that form a circle in the center.

These earrings are meant to make a statement, and shamelessly flatter you, day or night.

Enjoy the same talent and expertise this famous jeweler devotes to all his fabulous pieces, for little more than the cost of costume jewelry.

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1 1/4" L x 3/4" W


Sterling Silver