Large Stamped Carico Lake Pendant

Pete Johnson


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He is related to, and was mentored by, the late Thomas Curtis, and his equally award-winning daughter, Jennifer Curtis.

Pete has won numerous awards himself, and his work is sought by collectors around the world.

This stunning pendant demonstrates the renowned stamping skill he learned, and continues; the artistry in this beautiful piece is his own.

Sensationally precise and well-composed silver stamp work surrounds a natural, Carico Lake turquoise.

Deeply stamped, the silver is of a sturdy heft, and, similar to old-style conchos, the shape is circular and cut into peaked scallops at the outer edge.

Emphasizing the design, the silver is darkened, behind some of the many stamps, adding to the elegant, delicate look of the piece.

It resembles a lace doily, frozen into silver.

In the center, surrounded by a marvelously exact, toothed bezel, is an oval, pillowy, natural Carico Lake turquoise

The mellow green, combined with a soft gold matrix, blends in with the dainty, old-fashioned design.

Continuing the Curtis tradition, the hand stamping is varied, flawless, and complex.

Ornamentation, delicate texture, and a border of beautifully plain, polished silver, are expertly combined into a beautiful design.

Even the bail is a graceful oval, and commensurately sturdy.

That beautifully soft green stone is set high, as if presented on a platter, befitting the gem-quality turquoise from Nevada.

Despite the ornamental, scalloped edge, and the variety of stamps, this pendant is outstanding in its serene simplicity, elegance, splendid stone, and impeccable workmanship.

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