Large Sleeping Beauty Ring with Gold Accents


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Another example of this prize-winning artist’s mastery of the applique technique.

This sensational ring spotlights a gorgeous, large, natural, premium turquoise, and evokes traditional Navajo jewelry – until you notice the refinement of the silver work and look at the band.

Each tiny petroglyph figure, is hand sawn out of gold and soldered separately. The background is highly textured silver, which suggests the craggy rocks where the real petroglyphs were incised.

The background is also darkened, to accentuate the polished designs.

An array of gold good luck signs dance along the band, culminating in a petroglyph couple, hand in hand, at the back.

Other figures include a goat (meat), lightning, stars, crescent moon, the water spiral, and the hands of blessing and protection, which flank the couple protectively.

Notice the perfectly spaced, boldly sized “tooth” bezel holding the hefty, raised and pillowed stone, and the plump “hogans”, or domes, that flank the splendid, turquoise as part of a delicately chiseled frame.

This is a stunning, modern classic that you will delight in now, and that will be treasured by generations to come.

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14k Gold, Natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Sterling Silver

Ring Size

11 1/2


Face Size: 1 1/4"


Face Size: 3/4"