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Large-Size Morenci Turquoise Ring


Traditional design, updated with remarkable silver design and first-quality stone.

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Famed for his exquisitely hand-wrought silver and gold figures, this remarkable artist shows he can make more conventional pieces with the same breathtaking perfection and panache.

This magisterial ring, refers to traditional Navajo jewelry design, and then goes much further, with gorgeous touches that are purely Alvin-creative.

The top-quality, hand-cut and polished, natural Morenci turquoise gleams and glitters with its famous pyrite (fool’s gold) matrix, against that radiantly rich, turquoise blue.

As always with this unique artist, the silver work is exceptionally precise and intricate.

The wonderful stone is centered in an oval of silver feathers, with a narrow shadowbox effect of darkened silver showing at the edges.

The stone is held in a hand-cut bezel that echoes the linear pattern. The border of substantial silver is rounded, with four series of deeply chiseled lines, at top, bottom and the two sides, representing the four corners of the world.

So far,we have beautifully fabricated silver and an exceptional stone, but a fundamentally traditional design. Now, look at the shank!

Tapered from the same width as the face of the ring, down to a narrower width at the back, the solid shank is covered with glittering silver circles against a darkened background, almost like fish scales.

Each circle has been individually cut and set onto the shank. Note that the circles on either side of the face of the ring are smaller than those farther away. This polished pattern glistens with the light refracted from the shank’s rounded form.

Altogether, a remarkable ring, with a fabulous turquoise, in a creative design that takes the traditional several steps into the future – where it is sure to be treasured as an heirloom.

(It is possible for the artist to reduce the ring size somewhat.)


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Natural Morenci Turquoise, Sterling Silver

Ring Size



Face is 1 3/8 high x 1 ¼” wide, Shank is 1 3/8 “wide to ½” wide